Xiaomi AI Restores Exposure and Detail In Bad Photographs

Xiaomi AI Restores Exposure and Detail In Bad Photographs


At some point or another, all of us have had a problem with exposure on our phone cameras, one that our automatic settings have not really been able to fix.

That’s why Xiaomi got to work and found a way to help. In a new paper published by Xiaomi researchers, which was presented at the NeurIPS 2018 in Montreal, they describe an AI, dubbed DeepExposure, that can segment one image into other images, all of which have their own local exposure.

The AI uses those ‘sub-images’ to restore the photo to a better state by evaluating their quality before blending them with the original image.

Due to the requirement of expertise of photography, photo quality enhancement is beyond the capability of non-professional users, thus leading to the new trend of automatic techniques of image retouching,” the researchers say in the paper.

The paper also states that DeepExposure could be further tweaked to adjust image tone and contrast in the future.

Xiaomi is not the first company trying to use AI in order to enhance images but it’s going to be interesting to see how long it will take until the AI update hits their smartphones. A lot of you out there would be more than grateful for a bit of help in that area, right?

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