Best Tech Gifts in 2018 Under $50
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Best Tech Gifts in 2018 Under $50

best tech gifts under 50 guide


Christmas shopping on a budget or looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? This list of the best tech gifts under $50 won’t put a dent in your wallet but they’ll paint a smile on the faces of your loved ones.

We carefully curated the best tech deals for Christmas and we know for sure you’ll find the gift you were looking for.

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1. It’s impossible not to include Alexa in any tech gift guide and, if you’re looking at an under $50 price tag, the Echo Dot 3rd Gen is definitely what you have to get.

echo dot 3rd gen tech gifts under 50

With a new design and an improved sound to let you ask Alexa to blast music from Spotify or Pandora from across the room, the newest Echo Dot is an amazing gift.

Because it’s so competitively priced, you can gift it to someone who already has another Echo speaker – they can pair them for stereo sound and cover multiple rooms in their house with Alexa controllers.

Check it out on Amazon – this gift will definitely be there on time for Secret Santa!

2. If you, however, want to surprise someone with an Alexa gift that’s more thoughtful, go with the Wemo Mini Smart Plug. Trust us: everyone puts a tech gift on their wishlist and wants to set up a smart home but everyone also forgets the basics.

wemo smart mini plug tech gifts under 50

The Wemo Mini Smart Plug is Wi-Fi enabled and compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit so, no matter what personal assistant the giftee uses, this will work. We recommend the Wemo Mini in particular because it’s smaller in size, so you can use two of them in the same outlet.

You can find the cute and functional Wemo here.

3. In the rush to set up a smart home that does everything for you, one thing that’s easy to miss is the essential overview.

The Wyze Indoor Wireless Camera works with Alexa and streams in full HD (1080p) the video feed directly to Android or iOS smartphones, with a night mode vision as well.

Who would love it?

Wyze Indoor Wireless Camera tech gifts under 50

We’re thinking young parents, pet owners trying their hand at crate training and generally anyone. Why bother going from room to room to check if anything’s up when you can ask Alexa to show you?

Check out the Wyze specs and order it from here.

4. Another great tech gift for peace of mind is the MoKo nightstand lamp. Not only it has a cute, unique design, but works with both Alexa and phone apps for control.

A good night’s sleep is guaranteed when you can simply ask the lamp to dim itself or change colors for the perfect ambiance.

moko nightstand lamp tech gifts under 50

The MoKo nightstand lamp also features a timer for turning itself off and conveniently charges via USB.

We think it would be a great, affordable gift for trouble sleepers, grownups, and kids alike.

Snooze and you’ll lose this awesome gift. Grab it here.

5. Speaking of the gift for good sleep, the Wellur Sleep Machine is one of the best sleep tech we’ve found at this price point.

wellur sleep machine tech gifts under 50

With a simple design, the Wellur Sleep Machine can provide both white noise to cancel out the sound of traffic or ambient spa music. It’s fitted with a USB port for charging and also has a 3.5 mm headphone jack so, if you’re gifting it to someone who doesn’t live alone, this feature will definitely be appreciated.

Order it from here.

6. Another great tech gift that’s designed with wellness in mind is this Aqueon Betta Falls kit.

At under 17 inches in length and just 5 inches width, it would be a great home for a betta fish, bringing a bit of Zen to the owner as well.

Aqueon Betta Falls Kit tech gifts under 50

Because it comes with a convenient water filtration filter, it’s a very low maintenance way for someone to get a pet. Not to mention the waterfall feature! What can be more relaxing than the sound of a stream?

You can order this gorgeous, minimalist aquarium here.

7. If you want to play it on the safe side when picking a tech gift, here’s one that will make any Apple fan happy.

The Bestand 3 in 1 stand is made out of sleek aluminum and has a design that would make Steve Jobs pretty happy, we think.

bestand 3 in 1 apple charging stand

The wireless charger in the Bestand works with all Qi-enabled devices and there’s also a convenient way to charge both the owner’s AirPods and their Apple Watch.

All in all, it’s a great charging station for iOS devices.

Get the Bestand 3 in 1 here.

8. Also for the Apple fans are these babies. The Earhooks 2.0 might defeat the whole minimalistic idea of the EarPods but they also make sure no one loses an expensive bud.

earhooks 2.0 tech gifts under 50

The EarHooks 2.0 come in two sizes for extra comfort and they’re an essential gift for AirPod owners on the move.

Made out of soft silicone and resistant to water and sweat, the EarHooks make exercising a breeze, without the risk of losing an AirPod along the way.

Just get them as a back-up gift, you definitely know a friend or coworker who needs them.

9. In case you’re feeling adventurous and want a fun tech gift, the mini version of the Sphero is endlessly entertaining.

This robot ball is controlled via an app and can be driven around for hijinks around the house (chasing pets is our suggestion!).

sphero mini tech gifts under 50

It can also work as a controller for the three games included or as a really fun way to start coding.

The Sphero is one of the most educational gifts around and the Sphero Mini is no exception: you can program it with JavaScript and pick up some new skills on the way!

Grab the Sphero Mini here.

10.  If you’re giving a tech gift to someone more passionate about engineering, not coding, take a look at the Makey Makey Invention Kit.

To be honest, this kit would fascinate anyone, because it turns almost any object into a touchpad.

makey makey invention kit tech gifts under 50

Yes, you can touch a banana and use it as a trackpad. With the Makey Makey Invention Kit, the sky’s pretty much the limit when it comes to having fun.

Check it out and order it here. You’re welcome!

11. And that’s exactly what the planet will tell you if you pick the 4M Tin Can robot as a tech gift this year.

4m tin can robot tech gifts under 50

It’s a fun, educational and inspirational gift, this kit will turn an old soda can into a movable, googly-eyed robot that’s simply adorable.

We know kids will love it but something tells us it would be a great tech gift for your friends as well.

You can order it here

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