Xiaomi Phone of the Future Will Have Triple Pop up Selfie Cameras

Xiaomi Phone of the Future Will Have Triple Pop up Selfie Cameras

credits: Let's Go Digital

A recent article published by Letsgodigital revealed an interesting set of Xiaomi patented pictures that present a new phone model that will be soon in production at the Wingtech factory. The request comes directly from the Xiaomi higher-ups and represents a collaboration with ODM manufacturers to produce a 3 Pop-Up camera phone. To note, ODM and Xiaomi were competitors in the past and this collaboration represents not only a partnership between the two giants but also can develop into a long-standing partnership.

According to the article, Letsgodigital created the mockups from sketches that appeared in the databases of the National Intellectual Property Office of China and the World Intellectual Property Office, that described a phone with a wraparound display with thin bezels and Pop-Up cameras that come out of the phone.

Xiaomi and ODM settled on this design so that the phone doesn’t have any holes or cutouts in the screen for the selfie camera, presenting a clean display to the customer. As the patent document states, the large array of cameras will include three camera sensors and an LED flash. No word on what kind of camera sensors the phone will use, or the specs, but if the renders are to be believed, Xiaomi is going for a more premium look with some innovative features to entice the public.

This is not the first odd phone produced by Xiaomi, the Chinese company also produced some strange devices in the past, that actually caught on. The Mi Mix comes to mind. And there are also other future models, as the phone with a detachable display, that Xiaomi is planning to release, or the modular phone that they are planing for some time now.

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