Xiaomi's New Flagship Might Feature UWB and Under-Display Camera

Xiaomi’s New Flagship Might Feature UWB and Under-Display Camera


There is absolutely no rest for Xiaomi, it seems. The company has been churning out devices year after year and with each one, they got better and better.

Now it looks like the company is working on yet another smartphone, set to deliver a premium experience to its users.
This leak comes from a tipster on Weibo and, according to them the next Xiaomi device has the codename M2106118C and, by all accounts, will be pretty high-end.

According to the leakster, this Xiaomi smartphone will have an under-display camera to pride itself with, something that rival Samsung is also touting to feature on its own, soon to be revealed device.

Everyone is curious to see how the technology will work out: an under-display camera does not sound ideal at first glance since the display is not transparent enough to have light pass through. A switching prism or mirror device is said to be the answer, at least as far as Google is concerned, but we haven’t received a lot of information on the technology yet.

In addition to that, the Xiaomi smartphone will also finally implement Ultra-wideband technology (UWB), which helps the users with location tags, in case of lost devices or other items.
The technology is not new, so it’s a little odd that Xiaomi has not released a device that features it until now, especially since it’s a feature that rivals Apple and Samsung have already made available on their own, higher-end devices; UWB works in conjunction with the AirTag, in the case of Apple and SmartTag for Samsung. This means that Xiaomi might also offer its own proprietary tag alongside the smartphone or as an add-on.

Other than that, Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Ultra has already wowed the crowds with its cameras and the new flagship might either feature the same camera setup or even get a bit of an upgrade in that department.

The phone might also benefit from 120W wired charging while the wireless charging could measure up to 70W which is pretty much a jaw-dropper. Some rumors even went as far as stating that Xiaomi has plans to update to 200W wired charging and 120W wireless charging, which would be pretty awesome – I can already hear screams of ‘shut up and take my money’ in the background.

It’s still a bit early to speculate on more than this however – afterall, Xiaomi has not yet revealed any information regarding a potential new device so we will have to wait for a bit longer because we know anything for certain.

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Xiaomi’s New Flagship Might Feature UWB and Under-Display Camera
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