YouTube Music Free Account Users Can Now Use Google Assistant
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YouTube Music Free Account Users Can Now Use Google Assistant


It looks like Google wants users to forget all about Google Play Music and switch to YouTube Music. The company has finally integrated Google Assistant to YouTube Music, a restriction that frustrated many users.

Until now, asking Google Assistant to play music on your free YouTube Music account would get you nowhere, only Premium user having this ‘honor’. The feature has been in the testing phase since the summer, and is now available to a wide range of free users. 

As noticed by Android PoliceGoogle Assistant can now play personal playlists on YouTube Music, as well. This wasn’t possible at all before, and it’s strange how Google took so long to integrate the feature. Nonetheless, Google is making YouTube Music its priority when it comes to music streaming and wants to challenge Spotify for the top spot.

Another new feature you’ll find within the YouTube Music app is ‘Charts’. An update to the explore tab has added top charts for artists, songs, and music videos in 57 countries. 

Google Play Music seems to be on its last breath with the company focusing on YouTube Music and developing more and more features to attract users.

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