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YouTube Video Download to Desktop Feature, Available for a Couple of Weeks

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It’s not April’s Fools, nor is it an error of “print”. YouTube is actually letting its users download videos to their desktops… within limits, of course.

Those limits don’t refer to the number of videos, their source or quality, but the type of subscription they have. The feature is available only for YouTube Premium members. Also, the feature is available for some weeks, so hurry up if you have wanted to easily download YouTube videos for a while now.

The feature is part of YouTube Labs, a project that tests new features before implementing them for good. VouTube video download can be done through one of the following web browsers: Chrome, Edge or Opera.

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Where do you start?

Simply check out the toolbar of your video of choice. There, next to Share and Save, you should see a new button, called Download. Tap it and see the video download in front of your eyes; a progress dialog will appear in the left corner of your window.

Then, your downloaded video will show up in a separate feed from where you can adjust quality settings or clear cache.

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That’s it! Make sure you don’t think twice before taking advantage of this experimental feature since it’s only active until October 19.

And, yeah, afterwards you can return to your alternative methods of downloading videos but this one should be the most secure one… while it lasts.

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YouTube Video Download to Desktop Feature, Available for a Couple of Weeks
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