YouTube Video Chapters, Now More Visible Than Ever

YouTube is changing the game yet again, this time helping out content creators become more visible and casual users find what they’re looking for faster. Video chapters will soon really pop out on the platform thanks to this update.

Right now, video chapters are extremely visible in Google Search but not at all in YouTube. At least, not on the main feed. That’s about to change, according to the video platform.

YouTube intends to bring video chapters to search results, which should help users pinpoint the part of the video they’re interested in faster and easier.

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Instead of going to the full video and dragging the arrow to the part they’re focused on, YouTube plans to serve that piece of content on a silver platter from the get-go.

Video previews will also be added to search results on mobile, so you can see a quick clip of the full video before opening it completely.

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There’s also encouraging news for those YouTube users who can’t find content in the language they desire. The brand plans to show videos with automatically translated captions, titles, and descriptions in search results. Of course, they’ll tackle English first but plan to expand the program to more languages in the near future.

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And, as a final experiment, YouTube is playing with website links and other formats borrowed from Google Search in India and Indonesia. Locals will be able to see these new additions on the mobile version of YouTube.

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YouTube Video Chapters, Now More Visible Than Ever
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