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YouTube TV 4K Playback and Offline Downloads Come With a Nasty Surprise

YouTube is releasing 4K Plus starting today. With the new bundle, you will get 4K content and, more importantly, offlined downloads from pretty much every channel you can think of. However, the bundle does come with a nasty surprise.

YouTube’s 4K Plus package is available starting today. That’s quite the good news if you don’t think about the drawback; in this case, the cost of the newly-announced bundle. YouTube is pricing 4K Plus as $19.99 per month! And that’s beside the $64.99 subscription that you may have already paid for YouTube TV.

Now, if you think about, that’s about 85$ per month – not at all cheap! YouTube is trying to sweeten the deal by giving a discount for your first year of use. More specifically, you could pay just $9.99 for the first 12 months but inevitably, if you decide to enjoy 4K content and offline downloads, you will have to pay the full price.

Honestly, you’ll have to decide for yourself is the 4K sports events, NBC shows and other on-demand content will be worth the subscription. It’s no secret that the best part of the bundle is the offline downloads perk.

As YouTube explained to The Verge, that side of the deal will remind you of the original TiVo approach. Why do I say that? Because you’ll have to record content to your cloud DVR from the base channel package to then download it to the mobile app of YouTube TV.

Users will decide when to rewind, fast-forward and playback, features that – for those $85/month – should work flawlessly.


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YouTube TV 4K Playback and Offline Downloads Come With a Nasty Surprise
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