Zebra Medical Creates AI Tools for Radiologists

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The Israeli medical imaging startup Zebra Medical Vision has raised $300 million for their AI research, fund to which big names have contributed, like Nvidia and Marc Benioff.

Zebra announced their most comprehensive AI research on chest X-rays today, dubbed Textray. The Textray is used to develop a product which has been trained by using about two million images in order to identify 40 clinical findings.

When it will be launched, sometime next year, it is expected to help radiologists with chest X-ray analysis. Chest X-rays happen to be the hardest ones to interpret for radiologists and using AI algorithms to make the analysis more accurate would greatly improve the diagnosis results.

The Zebra Medical Vision has also worked on a bundle of algorithms for diagnoses on lung, liver, cardiovascular and bone diseases which costs hospitals just $1 per scan.

It will take a while until this particular AI will be ready to use in hospitals and maybe even longer until AI will become more commonly encountered in the medical field overall, but the Zebra Medical Vision is already making very bold steps in that direction.

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