Zoom Lifts The 40 Minute Meeting Limit for Thanksgiving

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Zoom has come up with the perfect way to turn its chat space into an address for virtual celebrations. Its platform is about to become the most popular way to connect with loved ones during holidays, because the company decided to prolong the limits for meetings on Thanksgiving, facilitating family hangouts.

Those eager to spend some quality time with families on Thanksgiving using videoconferencing software like Zoom will benefit from the 40-minute lift limit, even just for one day, when they will be able to #zoomtogheter.

However, users should keep in mind that the lif is only a temporary elimination of the 40-minute restriction, and will be available from midnight on Thanksgiving Day to 6AM ET on November 27th.

When the COVID-19 pandemic has started, the company adopted the 40-minute limit as the key restrictions of Zoom’s Basic plan, as well as many platforms did, including Google Meet (60-minute limit) and Cisco Webex (50-minute limit).

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Zoom Lifts The 40 Minute Meeting Limit for Thanksgiving
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