Elon Musk Built The World’s Biggest Battery In 100 Days

tesla powerpack

Back in March, Elon Musk made a bet – he pledged to build the biggest battery in the world in South Australia to help with the increasingly low power supply after the September 2016 blackout. Not only that, but if Tesla failed to do so in 100 days, Musk was willing to pay for the work. Well, rest assured, Musk did not lose the bet and now the world’s biggest battery is finally finished #todaymagic

The huge battery built by Tesla is connected to Neoen’s Hornsdale Wind Farm, that’s a couple of hours’ drive from Adelaide. It’s actually a Powerpack system with a 100 megawatts of capacity that can provide power for over 30,000 homes. It was done in 100 days, like Musk promised in a Twitter banter months ago. If that didn’t happen, he’d have to pull out of his pocket around US$50 million (A$65 million).

Now that the work is done, testing begins. The Powerpack system needs to show it can deliver what Musk promised. Next week, the battery will officially be launched and the first tests will start. They’ll have to see if the battery is optimised and if it meets the AEMO and South Australian Government requirements. If everything goes according to plan, South Australia’s battery will start providing for its people from December 1st.

Renewable energy is South Australia’s hope to a stable future, where energy is harvested and stored safely for people’s use. This has become the government’s top priority, after several coal generators were systematically shut down.

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