Google Waymo Just Bought 20,000 Electric Jaguars

Not even a month after Jaguar showed off its first all-electric SUV, the I-PACE, Google’s Waymo jumped at the wheel!

Well, so to speak, because Waymo actually plans to convert the I-PACE into a self-driving car and just placed an order for 20,000 electric Jaguars in the next two years.

The idea is to convert them for a driverless ride-hailing service capable of offering 1 million rides a day, starting with 2020. Since this electric car is also the first Jaguar that connects to Alexa and receives over-the-air car updates like Tesla, it’s easy to see why Waymo went for it.

The Jaguar I-PACE already has a good start by defeating the Tesla Model X in a drag race, and now it could pose a serious threat to Uber’s self-driving program.

Waymo CEO John Krafcik told the audience at the New York International Auto Show that the I-PACE is just one of the models in its car fleet. Waymo is currently doing self-driving tests in Phoenix with Chrysler mini-vans and will soon add the I-PACE to the program. Krafcik also said that it will not suspend tests and Waymo is indeed the only self-driving car to be seen on US roads at the moment.

“While we’ve been focused at Waymo on building the world’s most experienced driver, the team at Jaguar Land Rover has developed an all-new battery-electric platform that looks to set a new standard in safety, design, and capability. We’re sure Waymo riders will enjoy the safe, premium and delightful experience that the self-driving I-PACE will provide,” says Krafcik.

After the fatal accident involving an Uber driverless car and Uber being ordered to stop tests, Waymo could very well be the first to cross the finish line of the autonomous race.

Until then, the consumer Jaguar I-PACE will appear in showrooms later this year, and the base model will cost £58,995.

To see how Waymo driverless cars work, you can get a demo today with the free, Waymo 360 experience.

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