Hyperloop To Start Testing In France

It’s been a couple of years since Elon Musk imagined the long-distance, high-speed transportation system called Hyperloop, and that vision is extremely close to becoming reality.

Elon Musk’s paper outlined the hyperloop concept and invited companies from around the world to participate into bringing this to reality, and now, after Virgin’s Hyperloop One broke Musk’ record, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies starts to gather steam. The company will build the first two test tracks in France.

In the press release, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) said the tubes arrived at Toulouse and were ready to be assembled into two test tracks, one having 320 meters in length, the other one reaching 1 kilometer.

The smaller route will begin testing this year, while the longer one, which you should pay close attention to, will be completed in 2019. The 600m Hyperloop will be built on 5.8 meters tall pylons, just like Elon Musk envisioned in his original paper.

Moreover, HTT is waiting for the delivery of the first test pod, one that will seat between 28 and 40 people. It’s expected that this hyperloop pod will reach a speed of 760 miles per hour, just as the Hyperloop One from Virgin has planned. What’s the other difference between Hyperloop One and HTT’s pods? The pods that will be tested in France are 0.7 meters wider, which could become mainstream faster, as they afford more passenger space.

HTT said that the technology is no longer just a cool concept, but something that will be available in the near future:

“We have agreements in place in nine countries where we’re working on feasibility and regulations. We have a research center for freight and logistics in Brazil and a facility in Toulouse where we’ll deliver the first full-scale passenger capsule. Hyperloop is no longer a concept, it has become a commercial industry.”

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