Self-Balancing GyroCycle To Launch In 2017

Thrustcycle GyroCycle

Next year, motorcycle enthusiasts who don’t have complete control of the vehicle yet, are in for a surprise. The first gyroscopic motorcycle from Thrustcycle, Gyrocycle, is rumored to hit the streets in 2017 #automagic

Thrustcycle’s bike can keep its standing position without help from the driver. It simply uses internal flywheels to create a gyroscopic effect. Whether the driver is on the highway, at full speed, or just parking, GyroCycle is supposed to stay upright, making his job easier. Beginners will have an easier time controlling their balance while older riders won’t feel the passing of time on the seat.

The company says their bike will also be at its finest during turns, with a very low chance of losing traction. GyroCycle doesn’t have an official price yet, but it could launch for under $20,000.

Who knows? Maybe the bike’s debut will encourage other motorcycle makers, like BMW, to turn their concept bikes into reality.

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