Snapchat Goes After Facebook With April Fools’ Filter

Last month, Snap had its one year anniversary since going public and it hinted at their future direction. The latest reports are very conflicting, one thing is clear: Snapchat is going after Facebook hard.

In early March, the company laid off 100 employees, 10% of its engineering department, and this month marks the unfortunate termination of another 100 people from the advertising department.

Though the company has definitely lost a lot of employees, Snapchat is definitely moving into Facebook’s turf.

First off, with the new Snapchat TV ad, the app tries to reach a wider, older audience by showcasing the benefits of augmented reality and smartphone cameras.

It’s a bold statement from an app that seemed to want to stay a teen and young adult favorite, while Facebook always had an older user base.

Now, with the reveal of how Facebook handles your information and how bad actors can use that data for some really nefarious purposes, Facebook is at its weakest point and users migrating to other social media platforms.

It would be a missed opportunity if Snapchat did not try to capture those users, especially since the app itself had a few rough patches. Snap infuriated a lot users with a new Snapchat interface and lost significant share value. Before that, Snap also hyped the video-recording Snapchat Spectacles, but the device did not sell or gain any mainstream recognition. They also considered getting into the drone business, but didn’t commit to it.

So, the ad makes sense but the April Fools’ filter… is just a way of triggering some kind of reaction from the social media giant. There is nothing discrete about launching a filter that turns your app into a Facebook clone, complete with a Russian-like font.

It’s a bold move, Cotton, let’s see if it pays off! A few months from now, it will be interesting to see just how many people #deletefacebook or drop Snapchat after another bad update.

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