1,000 Robots Boogie Together For Guinness World Records

dobi dance robots

China is no stranger to robots getting their groove on. So, it’s no wonder that one Chinese company broke a Guinness World Record with more than 1,000 dancing robots #machinemagic

WL Intelligent Tech put their robots to the test this summer. More than 1,000 units of the Dobi model were placed in a square in Guangzhou to perform for Guinness World Record officials. Their task? To boogie simultaneously. Something that can prove difficult even for humans to do. But Dobis didn’t disappoint.

As expected, 1,069 of them made it to the “finish line” destroying the previous record. Until now, Ever Win Company, another firm from China, held the record for 1,007 dancing robots. And, if it weren’t for 31 clumsy Dobi, WL Intelligent Tech could have registered 1,100 in the Guinness Book.

So, how talented was the Dobi troop? See for yourself, in the video below:

For those of you who haven’t heard about this robot before, Dobi is an 18-inch humanoid that’s voice controlled. You can ask him to dance, obviously, but also to read stories, box or sing. When it gets tired (battery is running low), Dobi’s eyes will shift from blue to red. One unit sells from $250, if you want to take this little bouncing guy home.


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