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You Can Now Shoot 360-degree Photos With Facebook Camera

facebook 360 photos

Facebook has just introduced 360-degree photo capture from within the app. You don’t need to take a panorama with your phone camera or third party app before uploading to the social media platform #mobilemagic

Uploading panoramas on Facebook has just become easier. You can now take 360-degree pictures from the iOS or Android app directly. The process is exactly the same, so there’s no need to look for instructions.

facebook 360 pictures

Simply, tap the “360 Photo” button set at the top of the News Feed and the camera will open in this new mode. Then, spin until you get your perfect picture, making sure you keep the graphic sign in the middle. Done? Just select your starting point and then Publish it like you would do with a normal photo.

The picture can be easily set as your cover photo, if you choose so. Before you ask, no, Facebook hasn’t streamlined the process with their videos, too. You’ll still have to use special 360 cameras for that. Until further notice, anyway.


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