Not a Fitness Junkie? 5 Reasons to Still Check Out Samsung Galaxy Watch

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Let’s be honest: the main reason your friends go from analog wristwatch to digital is for activity tracking, whether it is to keep count of their running miles or their sleep performance. It’s not for email checking or weather updates – that can easily be done on a phone. So, at IFA, we wanted to see why a smartwatch like a Samsung Galaxy Watch, for example, would be an option for someone who was not a fitness junkie, maybe like yourself.

samsung galaxy watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch – activity tracking

Skipping the fitness tracking features and app galore, we went straight to the perks of owning such a watch when you’re more in the office or on the couch, than at the gym:

1. Built-in speakers. Want to blast some music from Spotify but you forgot your wireless earbuds? If you’re with friends at a picnic, or just killing time waiting for them, this watch can play your tunes thanks to side speakers.

2. Embedded SIM option. The Galaxy Watch lets you make calls and answer to them even if your phone is almost out of battery.

3. Elegant and slim. You may already have a traditional wristwatch that is minimalist, elegant, feminine and slim. But most smartwatches still have a lot to improve design-wise. Samsung knows that, so it has reduced the size of the watch to 42mm and coupled it with a rose gold finish that looks a lot like a designer watch.

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4. Planner at a glance. I’m always keeping reminders in one place, notes in another, meetings in the calendar… so when the Samsung team told us this watch could show an entire day at a glance, I couldn’t hide my grin. Why access several apps, right?

samsung galaxy watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at IFA Berlin 2018

5. Theater Mode. I hate when phones light up at the theater, it always distracts me from the movie. To watch it happen with both phones and smartwatches would be torture. That’s why I really appreciated the Theater Mode the company came up with. In this mode, light or alarms can’t disrupt the experience.

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There’s one more reason why this watch is might be a nice addition to your gear – but I’ll let you watch Yue talk about it in the video above!

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