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8 DIY Tricks Every Photographer Needs To Know

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Some of us really enjoy playing MacGyver in our spare time. Maybe we don’t want to spend big amounts of money on camera accessories or just enjoy the whole DIY trend. Either way, the Internet is brimming with tricks that will make any self-made photographer’s life easier. Here are some of the coolest we’ve found yet (feel free to drop your ideas in the comments, below): #fotomagic

Tinfoil can be used to make a bokeh effect

Simply get ahold of a piece of mirror, a packet of tinfoil, tape and a small object you want to capture in your first test. Put them together and take your best shot.

Use cardboard and tape to make a smartphone holder for Instagram photos

All those perfectly framed Instagram photos taken from above? Instead of asking your friends to spend the next days over and do photo shoot after photo shoot, get creative! Take a piece of thin cardboard and tape and use it to pin the smartphone to the wall behind you. Set a timer and take your position.

Use a piece of textured cloth as background for food shots

When it comes to food photography, you either need light backgrounds or very dark ones, usually matte and without texture. But in some cases, a simple placemat can do the trick and provide the beautiful background you need.

A sifter can turn an ordinary portrait into a moody one

A vintage-looking, moody portrait can be achieved easily with a kitchen utensil. Here, a sifter was used to bring some romantic, delicate shadows on the model’s face.

A toilet paper roll can come in handy with macro shots

I bet you haven’t thought of this! Take a toilet paper roll, duct tape and your 50mm lens. Make a tube out of the two, so you can really grasp the details of an eye, for example, as you would with a proper macro lens.

A CD/DVD can create a lens flare

Love the lens flares in romantic or moody photos? Take a shot at it too, using a spare CD or DVD at home. Angle it so you obtain the effect needed. You don’t need more than a couple of seconds.

Five items can help you get high-speed images of drops at home

A simple way to play with high-speed photography and capture drops is by using items you already have in the kitchen. Grab some milk, a bowl, a straw and food dye for contrast. Make sure you have your speedlight near and set it to trigger from the on-camera flash. You should get similar results in no time!

Use a matchstick to get a film burn effect

This is a bit dangerous, so proceed with caution. Make sure your response is fast and your hands, steady. The whole operation needs to be done in seconds, so ask your model to be in position and choose your angle beforehand.


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