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93,000 Hoverboards Were Just Recalled, As The Self-Balancing Hoverboards Just Weren’t Stopping Sometimes

One of the most popular types of scooters, the self-balancing hoverboards, are going through a massive recall.

DGL Group, the distributor of the Hover-1 Superfly Hoverboard, just issued a safety recall of 93,000 hoverboards that are malfunctioning.

The hoverboards, which are manufactured in China and distributed by DGL Group, have a software issue that sometimes just doesn’t stop them. The hoverboards can continue moving even when you’re trying to stop.

So far, “four minor injuries have been reported” according to CPSC consumer watchdog group.

As far as Hoverboard accidents go, these incidents really are minor. If you recall from a few years back, Hoverboards tended to self-combust and even Amazon warned customers away from these scooters. Because of this incident, Hoverboards are banned in the UK. 

If you own a Hoverboard, you should take it out of your closet and check to see if it’s one of the models being recalled.

If you bought your Hoverboard at Best Buy between October 4, 2020 and October 17, 2021, check to see if it has one of these serial numbers: SPFY-BLK-GO-2008, SPFY-BLK-GO-2009 or SPFY-BLK-GO-2010.

“Consumers should stop using the hoverboards immediately, and contact DGL Group, Ltd. Consumers will then be provided instructions on how to ship affected units to an authorized repair shop free of charge,” says DGL Group. If your scooter is one of the devices in question, you can find the Hoverboard recall form you have to fill in here.

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93,000 Hoverboards Were Just Recalled, As The Self-Balancing Hoverboards Just Weren’t Stopping Sometimes
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