A Different PS5 Test Shows Little Difference Between New and Old Model

A Different PS5 Test Shows Inconsequential Difference Between New and Old Model

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A PlayStation 5 test run by Digital Foundry found that the new PlayStation 5 model runs very similarly to the launch version, any differences being marginal or inconsequential to the user experience.

Journalist Richard Leadbetter teamed up with Gamers Nexus to run various tests on the two systems. This included playing isolated areas of certain games – Godfall, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, Resident Evil Village, Control, and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – which were taxing to the system and testers could reliably replicate drops below 60fps. They would run each section multiple times, resulting in much the same reading outside some small variance due to the system rendering slightly differently per run.

What they found was that some things ran cooler, other rans hotter, but that this all amounted to little when it came to console integrity: “there’s an improvement to temperatures on the voltage regulators, memory temperatures are better in some respects and worse than others (but still only a few degrees difference overall) and while the main processor may well [be] a few degrees hotter, there is no evidence that this presents anything worth worrying about, assuming you are keeping your PS5 in a well-ventilated area.”

New PS5 Model May Run Hotter Than Original

These tests follow controversy surrounding the new console after YouTuber Austin Evans broke down the new PlayStation 5 model. He found that a 300g weight difference in the models was actually caused by a much less prominent heat sink. On tests, Evans discovered that the new PS5 ran hotter than the original. But he only took the tests from the exhaust vents rather than internal components.

Indeed, when this new PS5 model was first found in Australia due to different serial code numbers, the difference was mainly reported as a new screw. This screw would make it easier to screw in the PlayStation stand by hand.

These test results from Leadbetter and Gamers Nexus should hopefully reassure those looking for PS5s that they can purchase either model without worrying about quality of performance.

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A Different PS5 Test Shows Inconsequential Difference Between New and Old Model
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