New PS5 Model May Run Hotter Than Original
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New PS5 Model May Run Hotter Than Original

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Recently, it was reported that a new model of the PlayStation 5 had hit store shelves. While nothing seemed amiss with the release as it was an overall minor change, a recent console teardown could point to a potential issue with the system’s cooling system.

According to YouTuber Austin Evans, the new PlayStation 5 has a reduced heat sink. The heat sink’s purpose is to reroute any heat created by the computing parts of the console away from those elements.

This reduced heat sink is also the major source of the console’s 300g reduced weight. The reduced weight could be because of a large removal of copper from the heat sink.

While the weight is less of an issue, if the heat sink is unable to remove the heat away from components like the CPU, GPU, or the chipsets, that could damage the components in the long run.

However, as VGC notes, even though Evans shows that the PS5 runs hotter, he only took temperature readings from exhaust vents rather than on the internal components. This could mean that the heat sink is doing its job more efficiently rather than worse.

More testing certainly needs to be done to determine whether or not this changed heat sink is doing its job better or worse than the original one.

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New PS5 Model May Run Hotter Than Original
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