Alpine Can Get You “CD-Quality Sound Over the Air” Now

Alpine Electronics needs no introduction when it comes to in-car receivers, amps and speakers. World record holders, they’ve been one of the top destinations for dashboard receivers that help you create and customize your in-car entertainment from scratch.

At CES 2019, they launched a sequel to the Halo 9 receiver, upgrading the display, and thanks to HD Radio, the sound.

The first thing we noticed about the Halo 9 is the big display; we’re looking at a 9-inch touchscreen this year, which makes it easier to navigate and adjust different settings. More importantly, the increase in size is not a deterrent, on the contrary.

Alpine has equipped it with an adjustable mount, connected to a single-Din chassis. The display appears to hover, therefore allowing it to be installed in any car, the instant you want it.

HD Radio gives you CD quality over the air

Besides allowing you to get more screen real estate this year, Alpine worked on getting you the best sound quality in-car.

“Everything we create, however innovative the display is, we always focus on making it sound great for the customer”, told us Chris Teguh, Marketing Strategist at Alpine Electronics.

That is why HD Radio played a big part in the receiver development. Unlike traditional radios, this technology goes beyond AM/FM. It not only captures metadata concerning the playlists and radios favored by the driver in time, but it boasts CD-quality sound over the air.

That is only the beginning, though. Alpine caters for all users and for all needs. Chris Teguh told us their X series are for audiophiles, while their R series bring fun, loud music to users who want an escape.

And where better to escape than Vegas?! Watch Chris show us how to bring Vegas to your car in the video above!

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