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Sharp Unveils Alexa-Controlled Kitchen Appliances


Sharp has recently announced a collection of connected kitchen devices called Smart Works With Alexa and the name pretty much speaks for itself: all the kitchen appliances work via the Alexa voice assistant.

But the trick is that you’d have to speak to to an Alexa smart speaker in order to grab their attention.

The appliances in question are a 75-liter oven, a fridge/freezer combo with four doors, a dishwasher and a washing machine.

Via Alexa, you can program the oven, set the temperature and whatever cooking mode you need.

Meanwhile, the fridge/freezer combo allows you to change the temperatures of both the fridge and the freezer as you see more fit, even allowing you to turn the freezer into a fridge, if you need to.

In addition to that, the Quick Dine feature chills bottles and cans faster, if you happen to be in a rush or just grab that dinner already.

The dishwasher can be switched on and have its washing mode adjusted via voice command and the washing machine can automatically order more detergent or softener if you happen to run low.

Of course, you’d still need to interact with the devices yourself in one way or another but hey, it’s one step closer to us not getting our hands dirty in the kitchen anymore, right?

For the time being, Sharp has not released a price tag for the appliances, or any word concerning the availability but they should be announced pretty soon.

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