Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones Ditch Lockscreen Ads For Good

amazon prime exclusive phones

Amazon Prime clients received very good news a couple of years ago. They were able to purchase unlocked smartphones at preferential prices. The only drawback was the lock screen ads and promotions that came with them. Well, now, the company is finally getting rid of those #mobilemagic

All Amazon Prime Exclusive phones purchased from now on are expected to come free of ads… with a caveat, of course: “While we will still offer a discount off of the list price, we will increase the price of every current Prime Exclusive Phone in the portfolio by $20.” So, you still get a discount, just smaller than the one expected. Want a phone clean of offers? Pay more, buddy.

While the modification is promoted as being “free of charge” for Prime customers, this isn’t exactly accurate, is it? The only ones who will truly benefit from Amazon’s change of heart are the clients currently in possession of a Prime Exclusive device. They will receive a free update with the same effect during the following week.

Don’t believe one moment that Amazon is doing all this from the goodness of their hearts. No – apparently, the software that allows such gimmicks interferes with facial unlock tech such as the one used with OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T and the upcoming one on Galaxy S9. This means they couldn’t have supported this feature any longer. Also, Google Play Store has already banned apps that allow or encourage ads on lock screens.

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