Animal Crossing Direct Announces Brewster, Kapp’n, and More Exciting Updates!

PC: Nintendo

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons released in March 2020, the cutesy social simulator perhaps releasing at the right time as the world began to shutter inside due to the global pandemic. While a massively popular hit at the time, Nintendo’s slow update schedule has withered away the player base.

Perceptions of the game may change since Animal Crossing Direct as Nintendo announced a massive amount of new free content!

First, two fan favorite characters make their long awaited appearance in the New Horizons universe. Brewster and his iconic coffee brewing abilities will appear at The Roost in the museum. At his coffee shops, players can grab a cup of coffee by themselves, with other islanders who arrive serendipitously or via Amiibo, or with other players visiting your island.

Kapp’n is the second returning character. He and his boat can be found at the pier, shuttling you to mysterious islands Kapp’n only knows of. These islands contain exotic flora, different seasons, and times of day which may differ from those on your island.

Beyond these two characters, Harv is also looking to revamp his island. Once the player donates enough bells, island visitors like Sahara will set up permanent shop. There will also be new shops to explore, like a furniture shop for customizing previously un-customizable furniture and a salon for learning some of the 11 new hairstyles.

On your own island, several new quality of life features have been added. Here’s the complete list of new ways to expand your island and interact with your island residents:

  • Island Ordinances make a return, allowing you to schedule meetings and match islander lifestyles with your own.
  • Group stretching activities can be initiated, with the player able to also follow along step-by-step.
  • More exterior options for your house.
  • Bridge and incline limit raised from 8 to 10.
  • Permanent ladder kit to add ladders around the island, adding easy ways to climb or descend from elevation.
  • Storage expansion to 5000 items from the previous 2400 limit.
  • An outdoor storage shelf to easily store and collect items from storage without having to enter the house.
  • ABD added outdoors as well to access bells from outside Nook’s Cranny.
  • Pro decorating license to add lighting, ceiling décor, and accent walls.
  • Cooking DIY recipes.
  • More K.K. Slider songs, with music boxes added to play K.K. Slider’s favorite hits from anywhere.
  • More furniture items for Nook Miles and in Nook’s Cranny.
  • 9 new types of fence types, including corrugated, large lattice, log-wall, bamboo-slats, and frozen fencing. Fencing can also be customized.
  • 11 new hairstyles and 11 new reactions added.
  • Custom item patterns can now be word or used for flooring or wall paper.
  • Handheld camera mode added to the Nook Phone which allows for photos to be taken from eye level. A tripod camera mode also lets players walk into the frame of the photo.
  • An Island Life 101 app added to the Nook Phone, giving players tips on how to enjoy island life.
  • Narrow spaces in a room can now be traversed.
  • Gyroids and gyroid fragments can be found throughout the island. When fully matured, they can be placed as furniture, each emitting a unique sound.
  • New Amiibo card packs will release with Animal Crossing character who were previously not available as Amiibo cards.
  • Perhaps most importantly to some, the Froggy Chair has been added.

While this was announced as the last major free update, the team really put in the effort to add several of the characters and features fans have been clamoring for since the game’s launch.

All these updates will be available November 5th!

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Animal Crossing Direct Announces Brewster, Kapp’n, and More Exciting Updates!
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