Another Win For Qualcomm: Apple to Pull Out iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Models From Germany


After a Chinese court had ruled that Apple will have to cease its sales of a number of its iPhones in the country, a new ruling, this time in Germany, decided that Apple will have to pull its iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models off the shelves within the country.

The District Court of Munich decided that Apple did infringe on Qualcomm’s intellectual property as far as power savings in smartphones went. The judge has ruled that the iPhones come with a combination of Intel and Qorvo chips, which violates one of Qualcomm’s patents.

The court not only denied Apple a stay of injunction but also decided that Apple is due for monetary damages. The sum Apple will pay is still to be decided. Nonetheless, Apple does not plan to sit idly by: according to a statement to CNBC, the company will appeal the ruling immediately.

This does not mean that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models will stay on the shelves – they will be removed from all of Apple’s 15 retail stores in Germany during the appeal process.

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