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This App Can Make You Quit Smoking

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If you want to quit smoking and do it with tech, there’s no need for an electronic cigarette if you download the Quit Genius App. There’s no fancy coils or liquids, just good old therapy, and science that promise to fix the underlying addiction.

The Y-Combinator backed Quit Genius App is one of the latest health apps in the App Store and on Google Play that promise you help in kicking the nicotine addiction.

At its core, Quit Genius is uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to treat the core impulses that make you light a cigarette.
In a Tech Crunch interview, the app creators, both of them with a medical background, explained why CBT is an essential tool to curb one of the deadliest modern habits.

“CBT breaks down situations into three areas: your thoughts, your feelings, and your behaviors. What you think and feel can affect how you behave. CBT focuses on replacing any negative thoughts and feelings you may have that trigger you to smoke, with healthier and more positive thoughts that will help you to quit smoking.”

Structured as a series of goals you will set for yourself, the Quit Genius app will give you animated videos, audio sessions and interactive exercises in order for you to better control your smoking triggers.

Seeing how most advanced anti-smoking therapy uses CBT as the main anti-smoking tool, this app could be a potential life-saver. The science cited on its official page is also very convincing.

It’s not free, but it’s still cheaper and more convenient than therapy. The monthly subscription for the base version is $4 and the premium one is $15.

If you combine it with SpiroCall, the service that allows you to check your lung health on the go, it could be quite a powerful anti-smoking tool.

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