Apple Studio Display Can Upgrade Your Old Mac
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Apple Studio Display Can Upgrade Old Macs

The recently released Apple Studio Display can bring a major upgrade to your old Mac. And we’re not talking about just an upgrade in screen tech quality, of course.

In fact, the Studio Display’s smarts – aka its built-in A13 chip – can help older Mac computers and laptops react to your voice.

If your old Mac didn’t have the ability to wake up Siri so far, the new Display will make that happen.

The surprising feature was first reported by MacRumors.

What sort of compatibility can you expect?

A pretty generous one as the monitor will bring 2016 old MacBooks to our times!

The oldest compatible Apple devices with the monitor are the 2016 MacBook Pro or the 2017 iMac. Of course, models released afterwards work with it, too.

Even better, the Display’s current OS version might mean more features could come up in the following months. In fact, we might find out what those entail this WWDC 2022 where Apple is likely to speak software, not hardware.

Is it safe to use Siri in this way on your Mac? Well, Siri gets activated by your voice command solely and while it’s listening for it in her downtime the digital assistant can’t remember anything that you’ve said before being activated.

Naturally, you can choose to uncheck the feature completely if you don’t find any use for it.

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Apple Studio Display Can Upgrade Old Macs
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