ASUS ROG Phone 3: Everything We Know So Far

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Phone releases are not slowing down, not even with summer here. Actually, now is the time for gaming phones to rise. And their king is right around the corner – ASUS ROG Phone 3 is coming!

Last year, we had the chance to test the ROG 2 ourselves, and it did not disappoint! It was, in fact, probably the most well-thought gaming phone we had seen. To put it simply, ROG 2 was and still is a pretty badass phone! So what else can ASUS bring to the table? Turns out, there are a couple of things we wouldn’t mind seeing, especially for a flagship price. 

ASUS is not gonna back away from an honest flagship battle. Once more, they’re gonna tech the lead with the best processor from Qualcomm. Yep, ROG 3 will work on the 865 chip, even if that translates into a bigger price. Let’s not forget: ROG 2 sold for $899 so if ASUS updates the hardware and provides some better gaming content, we could look at a $100 increase.

That would put the phone closer to the likes of Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia devices. On one hand, it’s true that we’re all trying to mind our shopping this year but… if this phone turns out to be the best gaming phone of 2020, can we really complain? 

It’s got potential! The phone will pair the chip with 8 to 12GB of RAM, just like the previous ROG. This also means we can count on up to 512GB of storage, with the terabyte version possibly making a comeback. 

Again, with these specs on the table, the price doesn’t seem outrageous. And ASUS is all about not losing their gaming supremacy on the mobile market. So, we’ll likely see major updates where it matters.

A bigger refresh rate? I say it’s very possible. Nubia and Vivo have already gone for a 144Hz refresh rate on their latest flagships. It’s not such a big leap for ASUS to take and if they can transition to a QHD screen, even better!

As a gaming phone, we hope they’ll keep – maybe even increase! – the monster 6,000 mAh battery. And if they can throw us a bone and include a gaming accessory from the get go, that would be fantastic! If you recall, ROG 2 came with the aeroactive cooler but none of the gaming accessories that you, gamers, really wanted. The Kunai gamepad, the ViewDock and more were sold separately. 

A beefier GPU would go a long way too aaaand of course, they’d probably win more users over with even more quality gaming titles. We’ve already heard that ASUS is giving Unity developers access to their SDK; that way, their games could work even better with the accessory lineup the phone has. 

I love the clear direction ASUS has when it comes to what gamers need and want from a phone. But I hope they’re not forgetting that even gamers want to take a selfie from time to time!

Find out what we want to see from the camera and more in the video above!

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