ASUS ROG Phone 5: 3 Things You’ll LOVE

In about a week, ASUS ROG Phone 5 is gonna #rulethemall. Rule who exactly? Gaming phones, if I had to guess. How? I’d say it’s through these three things.

First up: audio.

At times, mobile gaming may seem as if it’s all about refresh rates and mobile-optimized content but audio plays a huge part. On the ROG 2, ASUS came up with spatial audio and we could even set our sound scene. All thanks to DTS:X Ultra. 

This year, the ROG Phone 5 got top marks in terms of sound from DxO Mark. That’s saying something! It appears like the phone impressed with a wide soundstage, low distortion, and artefacts even when you turned the volume way up.

Of course, the two front-firing speakers are back at it, this time with Dirac tuning, and the headphone jack comes with DAC!  

Another thing you will likely love is on the back of the phone. Seems like ASUS ROG Phone 5 is going to borrow a laptop feature, the dot matrix display. 

That is the dynamic display that could play a cute animation showing off the ROG logo or anything you choose, for that matter. If you’re into customizing your phone until it’s the coolest thing around, and so you, then you’ll be glad ROG 5 has it. 

How big will the actual customizable part be? No way to know that yet!

Discover the third great feature about ASUS ROG Phone 5 in the video above + how will Red Magic 6 and Lenovo Legion Pro 2 retaliate!

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