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These Gomi Portable Speakers Are Made with Old Lime e-Bike Batteries

This UK company found a way to upcycle 1,000 old Lime e-Bikes and turn their batteries into portable speakers.

The Gomi speakers are built as part of a partnership with Lime, who let Gomi use the 50,000 battery cells from 1,000 retired e-Bikes.

Since the lithium-ion batteries in old Lime e-bikes fell below a certain level in charge cycles, they couldn’t be reused in such demanding items. 

However, they do the job just fine for portable speakers and the result is already up on Kickstarter, looking pretty great!

The Gomi speaker is available in green, blue, black and a color scheme that steals the show, dubbed “birthday cake”. And yes, the plastic from the cases is recycled too.

They promise a 20 hour battery life and “come with a ‘repairs-for-life’ return service to ensure they never need to be thrown away unnecessarily,” according to the company.

That scores major brownie points with people preoccupied with sustainability and the right-to-repair of their electronics.

If you want to grab a Gomi speaker, check out the Kickstarter page.

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These Gomi Portable Speakers Are Made with Old Lime e-Bike Batteries
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