At CES 2020, Probably Everyone Wants A Ride In This Razer Eracing Simulator

Razer had an impressive CES line-up this year but all attendees would probably want to try the Razer Eracing Simulator.

It’s a project that’s designed to be as eye-catching as possible and, if you look closely, you’ll also be itching to ride.

The Razer Eracing Simulator was built with technology from other companies like Vesaro, Fanatec, Simpit and Synthesis VR.

What exactly does it do?

“The simulator chassis is built with an ultra-strong hand-crafted center core designed around an advanced modular upgrade system, allowing for many simulation scenarios.

The center core sits on a motion platform powered by two actuators and a gaming control box for a professional racing training setup that maps terrain surfaces, G-force and sounds into motion for a completely immersive experience.

Real surround visuals provided by Simpit come from two Full-HD projectors beaming onto a 128-inch custom black projection surface with 202-degree field-of-view with vibrant colors and deep blacks”, explains Razer.

razer eracing simulator ces 2020

The driver controls were created by Fanatec, so you’d get to enjoy an anodized aluminum and carbon fiber made, leather-covered steering wheel, with magnetic paddles and adjustable buttons paired with a three-pedal system below.

To really make you feel like you’re going at those speeds, the racing harness applies pressure to simulate the effects of G-forces at fast acceleration and tight corners.

Razer intends to continuously develop and build this e-racing simulator, so you’ll probably get the chance to try it for yourself in future eSports competitions.

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