At CES, Sony Declares PlayStation 5 Shortage Is Over

Finally or not just yet? At CES 2023, Sony took to the stage and the gaming division’s leader, Jim Ryan, proudly announced the PlayStation 5 shortage is over.

The PS5 shortage has been an issue ever since the console launched in November 2020, thanks to a combination of supply chain issues and networks of scalpers driving up the retail prices. Last year, Sony even had to up PS4 manufacturing to offer gamers an alternative to the PS5.

Now, Jim Ryan said that “Everyone who wants a PS5 should have a much easier time finding one at retailers globally, starting from this point forward” and hopefully that will come true.

If you’ve been in the market to buy a PS5 recently, then you know that it’s almost impossible to get a PS5 at MSRP. You can get the $550 bundle with one of the two blockbuster games, Horizon Forbidden West or God of War Ragnarok, but getting just the basic PS5 itself, the $399 digital console, was next to impossible.

Hopefully Sony’s announcement means that any console mode, whether it’s the PS5 disk edition or the digital edition, will be available without having to pay a scalper premium.

You can watch the rest of the PlayStation CES presentation below.

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At CES, Sony Declares PlayStation 5 Shortage Is Over

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