Audi Sandbox VR Experience Includes Creating Your Own Track To Race On

audi sandbox vr experience

Audi knows how to create excitement around its cars. The Q5 model was open for testing by a public audience in Norway on a sand track. How is that possible? In a VR sandbox, of course #realitymagic

Audi Norway’s creative agency POL and MediaMonks put together a VR experience where the public can drive their new Q5 vehicle in an obstacle-ridden track, through sand dunes. The really special thing about this is that users don’t go through the same track twice. In fact, every user drives on the track that he has created before. Just like when they were kids, playing with plastic buckets and shovels, players can build their racing world in a sandpit.

Once they’re done, a Kinect depth-sensing camera captures the track created and renders it in VR in real time. Every dune and curve is recorded using short spurts of infrared light with more than 200,000 measure points. Once that part of the experience is over, the user goes in an immersive driving simulator that comes with pedals, steering wheel and an Oculus Rift headset for the player. The cool part is, once you’re in virtual reality, you’ll feel every bump in the way thanks to feedback in the steering wheel.

You’ll also get a grip on what’s it like to really push a Q5 to the limit since MediaMonks made sure to include the sound the car’s engine makes in a race. “[…] we’ve used the engine sound from a real Audi Q5. Then our sound software renders a realistic and dynamic three-dimensional sound experience,” explained Johan Ansterus, VR Producer at MediaMonks.

The “Enter Sandbox” VR experience has taken place only in Norway so far but don’t despair; the sandbox and driving simulator’s portability means the setup can be installed easily in other countries and locations. In fact, it’s rumored that Audi’s VR set will go on a tour around the world after launch. 

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