You Can Now Play Augmented Reality Games in Facebook Messenger

You Can Now Play Augmented Reality Games in Facebook Messenger

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Facebook really wants to spruce up its Messenger video chat. That’s why they are offering quite a few options for entertainment during dull moments in calls. The company just introduced two augmented reality games in Facebook Messenger, allowing up to 6 people to joke around using their selfie camera and get high scores.

The first AR Messenger game is Asteroid Attack, where you have to move a spaceship around obstacles with your nose. The second one, Don’t Smile, is pretty self-explanatory, challenging you to enter a staring contest with your friends. They will soon be followed by two more titles, in which you play ball (Beach Bump) or match cats (Kitten Craze).

Here’s how you can start playing the first Messenger AR games:

“To try these out yourself, make sure you have the latest version of Messenger. Open an existing conversation or find the person or group of people you’d like to chat with and tap the video icon on the upper right corner of the screen. Then simply tap the star button and select one of the AR games – the person or group you are video chatting with will get a notification indicating it’s time to get your game on,” explains Facebook.

Now let’s see what Snapchat’s response is going to be since the two social media giants are always duking it out.

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