BassMe Subwoofer Wants To Turn Your Whole Body Into A Sounding Board

Things are getting intense ahead of January’s CES 2020, the hottest event of the year for tech enthusiasts.

Ready for a new audio experience?

The BassMe Subwoofer combines a sound wave and vibration system to create what’s essentially a “personal subwoofer on your chest”.

The device is backwardly compatible to any headset and any audio source and offers plug-and-play and Bluetooth connectivity.

Just put it on yourself and your sternum will double as a soundboard, letting you have a visceral feeling of music, movies or games.

The BassMe Subwoofer has 26W power and 6h of autonomy (for a 3 hour charge) and 9 meters of range.

While the website dubiously tells gamers they will be able to “feel the impact of balls or the vibrations of a car race”, this wearable does sound promising.

Stay tuned for our CES 2020 coverage, we’ll try to find it and test it.

Spoiler alert: our BassMe subwoofer demo will probably feature a Skrillex song and some Mortal Kombat fatalities.

Could this baby be a winner of the CES Innovation Award 2020? 

Stay tuned! 

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