Battlefield 2042 Playtest Cancelled for PlayStation 5 Users

Battlefield 2042 Playtest Cancelled for PlayStation 5 Users

PC: Dice

For games like Battlefield 2042, it’s important that servers and systems are running well enough to handle the sheer number of players expected to jump on. As such, EA has been hosting an invite-only playtest for Battlefield 2042 over the last few days. However, there appears to be an issue with the PlayStation build as the playtest for the console has been cancelled.

According to VGC, Battlefield 2042’s PlayStation 5 build had a critical issue only identified during some testing before this weekend’s cross-play testing. Given the timing of the issue, PlayStation users were unfortunately unable to partake in the playtesting.

The invite-only playtesting started on PC Thursday, and has since opened up to Xbox players as part of its cross-play session. While the company has received positive feedback on issues like server capacity and stress, they have also had to deal with players breaking NDA and posting video recordings online.

While DICE is actively taking down video recordings, once they are on the internet, it’s impossible to delete. The developers has said that “players who breach these rules for sharing media will be banned from the technical test, and maybe even in the final game itself” (source: VGC).

The next opportunity to try out the game will be during an open-beta happening in September.

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Battlefield 2042 Playtest Cancelled for PlayStation 5 Users
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