Battlefield Portal Mode May Go Free-To-Play


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As reported by VGC, EA may be changing its payment model for Battlefield 2042 and let some elements of its Portal mode go free-to-play.

Free-to-play elements of the Portal game mode would definitely help raise the appeal of the game to a larger audience. The Portal mode remains one of the most appealing elements as it is essentially a player-made legacy Battlefield experience. Players can create custom game modes with elements from several previous Battlefield games and share across the world.

While this move may be a little ways away, journalist Tom Henderson took to Twitter to suggest that EA is currently looking into this a solution for the game’s lackluster reception while struggling with figuring out how to get free-to-play users to buy the full game afterwards.

With the biggest battle yet – up to 128 players in sprawling arenas – loads of environmental hazards, and dynamic arena elements, Battlefield 2042 was hyped to be the next generation of multiplayer first-person shooters.

However, the game has not reached its pre-launch expectations as it has been littered bugs and glitches. Its lack of single-player content is likely also not helpful as without an active player base, much of its multiplayer content is not as appealing.

A free-to-play Portal mode may bring in more players but it is unclear that this is the main issue plaguing the game.

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Battlefield Portal Mode May Go Free-To-Play
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