Best Buy: 6 Android Phones Under $1000

There are six phones that you won’t regret buying right now. Not one of them is a Samsung because… well, there are several reasons why, actually.

For one, everyone has heard about their 2020 phones, we talked about the Galaxy and Note series so much this year, and also, they kinda break the bank. But with Samsung out of the picture, what’s left?

Well, I can recommend two Android phones that take the cake in the camera department. One of them is Mi 10 Pro.

Indeed, Xiaomi really brought their A game this year. With Mi 10 Pro, you have a mindblowing 108MP quad camera that’s actually on par with iPhone 12 Pro! It captures incredible detail, retains texture aand you won’t complain about it in video mode, either. 

And while Mi 10 Pro’s best feature is the camera, it does well overall, too. Xiaomi put a Snapdragon 865 on it, a 6.6-inch screen that’s big but not too big and up to 12GB of RAM. There’s no headphone jack but maybe you can look past iy when you’ll see how fast the phone charges. And, to top it off, this camera quality and performance sells for just $500!

Another camera darling is Sony Xperia 1 II but it’s pretty expensive for what it offers. So, we thought of a compromise – if you are a Sony fan, just go for the Xperia 5 II.

You’re gonna get the same 12MP triple camera with brilliant autofocus, great hybrid zoom, and Zeiss optics, for a better price. 

At $880 it’s still a stretch but remember that you get the latest from Qualcomm in terms of processing power, a 120Hz display, 8GB of RAM and a headphone jack. True, the battery could do better, but if the Sony name matters to you as well as the camera quality, just go for it. 

Now, we’ve seen some under $1000 phones but I think we can do better, right? Squeeze that price even more? Maybe cut it in half?

Because $500 is the price of the phone that’s both a steal and a camera master. To find out what I’m referring to, just play the video above!

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