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Best Tech Gifts Under $200

under 200 gifts

Looking to surprise someone with an extra special treat for the holidays? We scoured the web to find the best tech gifts under $200 in 2018.

We looked for the gadgets that are both fun and functional, perfect from both friends and family.

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1. One of the best gadgets for pet owners is definitely the Furbo Dog camera with Alexa support. Even though it’s marketed for our barky friends, this smart treat dispenser will make cats happy as well.

Using the iOS or Android app, owners can dispense treats to their pets whenever they feel like it.

Furbo Dog Camera with Alexa best tech gifts in 2018

The Furbo Dog camera can also stream Full HD video and has a wide angle lens, so it’s a great tech gift that lets owners check up on their pets whenever they’re away. The best part?
The Furbo Dog camera comes equipped with a barking sensor and will let you know if the furball is making too much noise, so you can connect via the app. You can actually talk to them to calm them down and give them a treat.
You probably already thought about a friend who definitely needs this, so why wait?

It’s up for grabs here.

2. Christmas is a magic time and what’s more spectacular than a Hogwarts-themed gift? The Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit is one of the best tech gifts in 2018, as it combines education with the magical world of JK Rowling.

kano harry potter coding kit
The receiver of this gift can build their own wand to practice spells or play games on a tablet with the dedicated Kano app. Then, they can dive further and start learning to code in a fun, whimsical way.
The Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit works with most PCs and tablets.

You can find it here.

3. For that gamer friend that seems to have it all, one of the best tech gifts of 2018 is definitely this baby. The HyperX Alloy Elite RGB keyboard is one of the best mechanical keyboards, with clicky Cherry MX Red switches, so it’s the perfect choice for the PC gamers.

hyperx alloy elite rgb mechanical keyboard

With a solid steel frame for added durability (can handle the most epic of meltdowns!) and a gorgeous light bar combined with customizable RGB effects, the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB keyboard will upgrade any PC gaming setup.
Truth be told, even your console friends will think twice once they experience what Cherry MX switches can do for their typing and gaming. Grab the keyboard here.

4. For that special someone who really cares about their health, the Awair 2nd Edition holds a lofty promise – it lets them “see the invisible.”
This air quality monitor from Awair can track CO2, humidity, and temperature, but can also provide an incredible overview of toxins, dust specs and so on.

Awair 2nd Edition air quality monitor

It’s an amazing gift for people suffering from allergies or living in crowded cities, as the smart capabilities of the Awair 2nd Edition also provide incredible insights. This air quality monitor provides reports and actionable tips and can be connected with Alexa, Nest, Google Home, and even IFTTT.
Get it from here.

5. On the topic of health, nowadays one of the biggest issues is back pain, especially for office workers. That’s why we included the Sense-U Smart Posture Trainer.

It’s not only a back brace but it also includes steps, distance and calorie trackers for extra health benefits.

The best tech gifts are the ones that make life a bit simpler and the Sense-U posture trainer is smart enough to do so.

senseu posture trainer smart

It’s discreet enough to go unnoticed underneath clothing and vibrates to gently remind the wearer not to slouch. Because it uses Bluetooth for connectivity, it works with both iOS and Android, providing a great posture training plan.
You can get it from here.

6. If you want to give a gift that encompasses both mindfulness and healthy eating, this gorgeous AquaSprouts Garden is an amazing option.
This baby is a self-sustaining aquarium and aquaponics kit that’s positively mesmerizing.

AquaSprouts Garden
The fish in the aquarium will fertilize the plants on top and you can grow veggies, herbs and greens year round.
A self-sustaining ecosystem that will be the centerpiece of any room, the AquaSprouts Garden comes equipped with everything you need, including a timer for cycling clear water back into the tank.
Get it from here.

7. Got a photographer friend or someone who dreams about opening their own online store? Buying tech gifts for photographers is always tricky, as you don’t know their setup, but this Portable Photo Studio is a sure winner.

AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio
Part of the AmazonBasics line, it’s a collapsible 25” x 30” x 25” tent with built-in lights included. The owner can set it up in under a minute and get amazing, professional-quality product photos without having to carry around a lot of equipment.
You can grab it here.

8. For the book lovers out there, one of the best tech gifts in 2018 is definitely the newest Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof.

Not only is this Kindle slimmer than all previous Paperwhite models but it can now handle a trip to the beach or a long reading session in the bathtub.

kindle paperwhite waterproof
Available in 8 GB and 32 GB options and with Audible for turning books into audiobooks, the Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof is a smart library on the go.
Get it from here.

9. Another great tech gift for book lovers is the Ampulla QR-8 bedside lamp. Actually, the Ampulla is a great gift for anyone because it’s not only a great, bonsai-like lamp but also a wireless charger.

Ampulla QR-8 Bedside Lamp

Your giftee gets a gorgeous bedroom decoration and a wireless charger for their devices in a single item. Oh, and the Ampulla QR-8 Exclusive Edition also features a Bluetooth speaker, so it’s the perfect bedside device.
Get it here.

10. Kodak might have lost the digital photography war but it’s still unrivaled on the nostalgia front. That’s why the Kodak Dock instant photo printer is one of the best tech gifts of 2018 – it makes sure gorgeous memories don’t sit forgotten on an SD card.

kodak dock portable printer
The Kodak Dock lets you print in seconds directly from your smartphone and has a free app for stickers, collages, filters and anything you might need to make a photo truly memorable.

Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the Kodak Dock wins by including a charging dock that lets users also charge up to two devices at once.
What more can you ask? Get it here.

11. You really can’t have been looking for tech gifts without considering a cute robot. Fortunately, with an up to $200 gift budget, you can get a really cool one.

The Anki Cozmo is our pick because it challenges giftees to learn how to code using a fun app.

anki cozmo robot
The Anki Cozmo robot uses AI to recognize and greet its owner with a lot of cute lines and emotions. For us, the truly awesome feature is the Explorer Mode, which lets you see from the tiny (yet tough) robot’s perspective.
All you need to have to play with the Cozmo is an iOS or Android device and the free companion app.
Get it from here.

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