Bidding for Pentagon’s 10 Billion War Cloud Has Begun

Credit: D W /Pixabay

Pentagon contracts have sparked outrage months ago, when a dozen Google employees chose to resign over Project Maven. Now, it’s expected that the JEDI project will be received in a similar manner, as the situation unfolds.

The JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) contract is looking for a vendor that can provide cloud services that encompass all branches of the military in a single war cloud. The contract is on a two-year base deal, followed by a three-year option period and a final two-year option, which gives the department an exit strategy.

The cloud computing contract is worth $10 billion and Amazon, Microsoft and IBM are the most prominent names from a long list that are expected to enter the bid. Even with so many well-established companies in the game, Amazon is the most likely to win the bidding, since the company already has a contract with the CIA.

In addition, Amazon Web Services is the only cloud service provider that meets the rigorous standards imposed by the government.

All the interested parties can submit their proposals until September 17, so there is plenty of time left, in case any of you has something up their sleeve that could compete with Amazon. Just saying.

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