Buick Enspire All-Electric SUV Invites You To Dream Big

Buick’s strategy when it came to its lineup of cars at Auto China 2018 was to dream big. The Enspire all-electric SUV presented at the international automotive exhibition truly encapsulated the next-generation; only a concept car could sport such mind-blowing specs. #automagic

When Buick’s latest all-electric concept car arrived on stage, the first thing attendees saw was its gorgeous design. While the sleek exterior of the car surely grabbed people’s attention, it was the car’s incredible features that kept them interested.


When the Enspire SUV concept hits the road, the vehicle will have a 370 miles range on a single charge thanks to a killer battery and a 410 kW motor. The car also has a 4 second 0 to 60.


Additionally, Buick Enspire will also offer an intelligent AR HUD system and OLED display screen. Of course, it will likely support 5G and be the epitome of comfort with its suspended theater-type seating.

As this is a concept car, Buick is only testing the waters and gauging public reaction. While turning this car into a mass-produced and widely sold vehicle may be challenging due to current technical limitations, there are rumors about a CUV (crossover utility vehicle) from GM coming in two-three years that has a similar design to the Enspire.

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