Caviar is Selling Limited Edition Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra With Gold, Titanium and Crocodile Leather



Have you ever felt like the Galaxy S22 Ultra price of 1,490 Euros ($1350) was just not enough for what the phone offers? Felt like the materials it’s made of could be better quality? 

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Well, worry no more because Caviar is here doing what it does best: taking a high-end smartphone and changing the design and finish and then selling it as a limited edition item with an exorbitant price tag. 

Caviar has now included in its rich catalog six limited edition versions of the Samsung Galaxy S22 , S22 + and S22 Ultra. All use different materials than the regular versions: carbon fiber, titanium and gold.  

If you’re aiming for the top of the line, then all you have to do is reach for the S22 Ultra Ocelot version, which is, according to Caviar, inspired by art deco. The 512GB option will cost you around 6,610 Euro (around $7,499, after conversion). If you give up on the storage however and decide to settle for the 128GB model, the price goes down to ‘just’ 6,000 Euros. 

If you want something cheaper and gold is not really your thing, then the Titanium version is the one for you. It features carbon fiber inserts and the 128GB option will take you back 5,050 Euro (~ $5,728) while the Victory variant, which also has a titanium back but with a satin finish and a crocodile leather insert, costs 5,250 Euro ( ~ $5,955). 

If all that money you have left over from staying inside during the Covid lockdowns is just burning a hole in your pocket, you can pre-order these limited edition models via the company’s official website – all the devices are made to order and you’d better hurry because there’s only 99 units per model available. 

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Caviar is Selling Limited Edition Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra With Gold, Titanium and Crocodile Leather

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