World's Smallest Nintendo 64 portable gmanmodz

Check Out the World’s Smallest Nintendo 64 Portable

Wrap up the year by adding this one to your 2021 wishlist!

One modder just created the world’s smallest Nintendo 64 portable.

It’s a fully functional retro console that’s smaller than the original Nintendo 64 controller – and lets you play all the games from your childhood, no emulator needed.

Yes, you read that right!

This tiny console actually works with original game cartridges.

The modder took out the internals of a Nintendo 64 and fitted them onto a very small custom case with an actual screen on it with a 320 x 240 resolution.

To fit everything in, GmanModz used the joysticks from a Nintendo Switch.

Of course, since it’s so small, it can’t really run as great as the traditional one in its big case but the modder is definitely happy.

“The battery life sucks, it’s uncomfortable to hold, but hey. It fits in my pocket. Does your N64?,” asked Gman Modz.

Still, with an hour and a half battery life, that’s still enough time to play some old school Mario on the go.

And, if you want to see even more miniaturized gadgets, check out this page.

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Check Out the World’s Smallest Nintendo 64 Portable
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