Chevrolet's New Feature Reminds Teenage Drivers To Put Their Seat belt On

Chevrolet’s New Feature Reminds Teenage Drivers To Put Their Seat belt On


Chevrolet has introduced a new, industry-first feature called Buckle to Drive, which reminds teenage drivers to put their seat belt on before they go out on the streets. 

The feature comes as a standard in the 2020 Chevrolet Traverse and builds on the already existing Teen Driver System, which Chevrolet introduced back in 2015 and does not allow the driver to move the vehicle out of Park mode if the seat belt is not buckled. 

Buckle to Drive is Chevrolet’s latest feature designed to encourage young drivers to develop safe driving habits right from the start,” Tricia Morrow, Safety Engineer for Chevrolet and mother of a teen driver herself has said in a press statement “Buckle to Drive is embedded in Chevrolet’s Teen Driver system and is aimed at helping remind teens to buckle up every time they get behind the wheel.”

The Buckle to Drive feature becomes available when the vehicle is in Teen Driver mode and will not allow them to even shift out of park for up to 20 seconds; the radio will mute itself until they are safely buckled in. 

When the driver presses the brake pedal, they will hear an alert ringing as well as see a message in the driver information center that lets them know they need to “Buckle seat belt to shift”. 

The system can also create report cards that track distance and the number of times the safety systems had to activate themselves. 

While all this might not be a lot of fun for the teenage driver, it will keep them out of trouble and their parents will be less stressed knowing that their child is out driving a bit more safely than before. 



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