China Will Track All Cars with RFID Chips in 2019


If you thought the Chinese social credit system was 1984-levels of dystopia, think again. And get even more paranoid, as China wants to track every car in the country using RFID chips.

A Black Mirror Nightmare: China Plans To Install Social Credit System By 2020

According to Wall Street Journal, starting with July 2st, radio-frequency identification chips will be installed in all newly-registered vehicles. Then, starting from January 2019, all cars on the road will have to be fitted with these RFID chips. They will then be read by roadside sensors in order to obtain location data and send it to the Ministry of Public Security.

Of course, the official explanation for the move is to obtain enough information in order to alleviate traffic but surveillance is surely another added bonus.

This is the same country where the social credit system for their citizen’s “trustworthiness” levels has stopped 11 million flights, barring access to transportation to all those who had a bad credit score.

However, China is not the only country to adopt such a measure. In India, South Africa, and Dubai, RFID chips are already used to pay for gas, parking or tolls. Odds are we’ll see a lot more applications for them at MWC Shanghai – stay tuned for updates from the showroom floor!

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