Chinese Year Surprise: Biometric Pass Needed At Beijing Railway Station

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The Chinese New Year’s Eve a.k.a. Spring Festival took place on Sunday night and celebrations are ongoing in China. If you happen to visit friends in Beijing over the holidays or are expecting someone to come back to the States from there, then you must know you won’t be waiting long. Thanks to the newly implemented biometric passenger authentication system at Beijing station, it will be seconds before getting in a train.

Wary of the passenger influx this month, authorities decided to enhance travellers’ experience by introducing facial recognition at the gates. A scanner needs just a few seconds to make a successful match between the face of a passenger (after he/she gets rid of glasses, hats and oher accessories) and the smart identity card. No traffic jam whatsoever!

As biometric identification systems become more and more popular in international airports, it’s hard to believe this technology won’t be raising fans soon in different parts of the world.

Chinese are definitely starting to adjust to the idea of facial scanning for authentication as more and more companies are introducing it as part of customer service. China Merchants Bank branch is the latest example of customer authentication at ATMs in the city of Guangzhou through facial recognition, reports CRI English.

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