Google’s Next VR Headset Features Harder Case, Better Sensors And Lenses

new google cardboard

After Google Cardboard’s success, the company challenges Oculus once more by releasing new VR headset for mobiles this year.

The new, improved Cardboard will feature better sensors, lenses and a harder plastic case. Google’s intention is to offer the best user experience employing, instead of replacing, smartphones. The new model will have a mobile slot and will operate with embedded software in the smartphone’s Android operating system, instead of reaching out to an external app.

While it will be similar to Gear VR, the product released by Samsung in collaboration with Oculus, Google’s headset will be compatible with more Android smartphones, offering more users the chance to explore virtual reality games.

For those who experienced VR as a literal headache, this new headset should provide a temporary solution. The new software and improved design device will improve resolution and latency, so physical movements are simultaneous with graphic changes.

Google is definitely seeing the potential and appeal of virtual reality this year, after deciding to be part of an invest group that raised $800m dollars to support Magic Leap’s “cinematic reality”  just last week.



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