Coronavirus Mask Keeps You Protected Without Messing With Your Face ID

These past couple of months, face masks have become almost compulsory, no matter the country you live in. The threat of getting a serious cold or worse, becoming infected with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) virus, is real. The only minor inconvenience: you probably won’t be able to unlock your devices with your face while wearing one. So, a design firm in San Francisco that makes trendy dystopian products decided to change that.

Danielle Beskin from Resting Risk Face came up with a N95 respiratory mask that works with facial recognition software. To get one too, you simply have to take a photo of you in good, natural light, upload it through their web app, tweak it on the digital mask and voila! The custom mask will borrow your lower facial features to match your face.

Plus, they’ll throw in an elastic band that matches your skin tone, so there is nothing to hinder the facial recognition process.

If you’re probably wondering if it’s all a joke, well even they don’t have a final answer for you: “Yes. No. We’re not sure. Viruses are not a joke. Wash your hands when you can. And get vaccines when you can.”

The mask is set to cost $40. A bit reckless and useless right now? Believe us, Resting Risk Face understand the current context, adding that: “We will not be making these while there’s still a global mask shortage.”

However, there’s word that 1000 people have already ordered these masks, showing how adaptable and practical human nature is.

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